About Priceless Painting

Our Journey: Painting Franchise to Excellence

Before establishing Priceless Painting Contractors, I, Aaron Anderson, thrived in a successful painting franchise for 3 years. This experience taught me the intricacies of running a flourishing painting business, leading to invaluable lessons.

I earned multiple national painting awards, competing with over 100 franchises. By embracing old-school craftsmanship and modern techniques, I honed my expertise during this transformative period.

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A Focus on Excellence

We take positives from both perspectives to give us a quality process and end
result. In transition from running a franchise to owning and creating Priceless Painting Contractors, I reached out to my dad, Nathan Anderson and put the idea out there that we could run our own painting company together. My dad’s experiences growing up in the country learning a variety of skills, then going into the US Army infantry, and finally in the automotive industry for 29 years is where he learned to service the needs of almost any customer and deliver on what he promised. This worked well with my painting knowledge and the things I had learned from running a successful franchise.

We decided he would do the front end of the business and I could focus on the quality, training, and leading the painting crews. This recipe has given us amazing results that our reviews reflect. And, that is how Priceless Painting Contractors started. Today, we continue to focus on excellence, quality, and service no matter what the painting project is. One of our biggest strengths comes from working hand in hand with Sherwin Williams resources. This ensures we use the right product and process to achieve the best results. We strive for excellence in all we do. This is Priceless Painting Contractors LLC