Transforming Your Small House’s Curb Appeal With Professional Exterior Painting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is considered one of the 10 states with the smallest average house size, with a space of about 1,669 square feet. The trouble with this house size is choosing the right color for exterior painting. Some bolder colors or color combinations may create a cluttered effect and “cut from the size” of the house.

If you live in Wisconsin and want to refresh the outer look of your house, read this brief guide on professional exterior painting in Wisconsin.

Exterior Painting Possibilities

man holding a paint roller outside a home

Even if you have a small house, you can win a few more feet in optical effect with the correct color combination. Learn a few tricks to paint your small home, whether it’s color or texture.

Opt for Lighter Colors

White, beige, light gray, or any other light color is welcome for a small house. Existing houses already have white, light gray, or beige exterior paintings, and that’s far from a coincidence.

Lighter colors are recommended for small houses because they make the entire house look open and airy – or larger. Dark colors frame the house with bold pigments and highlight the edges of the house – hence the small effect.

Focus on the Details

Small details, such as painting your front door a bright color or adding new shutters, can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. You may also want to consider painting your fence or mailbox to match your new exterior paint job.

Stick to a Monochromatic Look

Small houses should stick to monochromatic looks. That doesn’t mean that the entire house should be painted white, but choose one color and play with its shades. For example, you can opt for white and beige or play with gray and light greenish shade. The aim is for colors to blend into one another instead of using a single color, combinations of contrasting colors, or color blocking.

Embrace Various Exterior Textures

Use different exterior painting textures to create an effect on your house. You’ll find there are many types of paint finishes you can use to achieve the desired result. It’s helpful to know that the textured exterior can attract interest, so it’s wise to get an expert opinion from a professional. Take your time to evaluate your options.

The Timeless Classic Colors

You can pick any color shade as your exterior painting option, but beige, white, or gray never go out of style. They give an elongated effect and a clean and fresh look to your house. Even if you consider selling your home in the future, note that the price will increase because of the classic look.

Get Professional Exterior Painting in Wisconsin

Consulting an expert in professional exterior painting in Wisconsin is advisable when choosing the right exterior painting that best suits your small house design. At Priceless Painting Contractors, we have over 30 years of experience providing professional help and exterior painting services to numerous Wisconsin clients. 

We offer commercial, interior, and exterior painting services, using painting craftsmanship to breathe new life into your property. One of our specialties is historic home restoration to bring historic properties back to life.

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